October 2019

Chris Milne Redesign Complete Massive Redesign Project for Northwestern Sorority House, Pi Beta Phi

Beginning in the summer of 2019, Chris Milne Redesign began the largest project we'd ever had - the redesign of a historic sorority house on the campus of NU. The lovely old house had a comfy vibe, but lacked some of the more modern styles and features that appeal to the college age women. Chris - along with various emeritus members of the sorority who were charged with bringing the project in to design and on budget- got to work and brought her unique touch to all the public rooms of the house. 
Check out the above video above that shows the befores and afters of the project.

July 2018

Works by North Shore Artists Grace the Walls of Glenview Home For Sale.

When faced with the challenge of filling the walls of a beautiful Glenview home-staging project, Chris turned to local artists to loan her their works. These artists are Evanston's Mark Collins, Marjory Oliva, Nina Weiss and Betty Gabel. The home is on Monterey Drive and is being offered by Abbie Joseph of Abbie Homes/Berkshire Hathaway, Glenview.

Here is the catalog from the show. Prices may be negotiable. Call Chris Milne at ‭(847) 840-2723‬ or email her to learn more about purchasing this art. Prices may be negotiable.

pdf preview of Glenview Art Catalog
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.19.24 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.19.36 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.19.47 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.20.00 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.20.12 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.20.21 AM.pn

February 2018

What's In a Paint Chip?

Many resources including HGTV offer lots of advice about what paint colors to use when redecorating a home. But Zillow.com has advanced the idea that the right colors mean extra money. And the wrong ones can actually cost a seller money.

Audra Slinkey of President of Home Staging Resources quotes Zillow study (of over 32,000 sold homes) saying 'statistics show that the right paint colors in a whole house can add as much as $15,880 in high value homes. And that choosing colors than turnoff buyers might reduce home sale price by nearly $10,000!' 

A kitchen painted yellow? Take off $820 dollars. One painted soft grey or grey-blue? This adds $1800. Have a white bathroom in Pennsylvania? That could cost you $4305. Instead a light blue bath could add $5400! The list of yes/colors and no/colors goes on and varies according to region. Thats why its so important to work with a home stager (like Chris) who keeps tabs on sales & staging trends in the area she serves. Its not a reflection on your taste - its a matter of dollars and cents! 

January 2017

Last year we worked with European company Wordliner to create a one-minute video that helps introduce Chris Milne.


A brief charming video that helps homesellers understand how

home-staging can become your realtor's secret weapon.