Glenview Luxury Home Staging
Glenview Luxury Home Staging



Chris Milne is a design pro who’s at her best when asked to do the impossible. Homes that aren't selling quickly enough, owners who need to be gently guided toward success are all in a day's work for Chris. Working efficiently and with a keen and stylish eye, Chris’s positive attitude brings a new momentum to the sales process. She's a team player who understands the real goal: create a home that sells itself.


Chris understands that very few owners have experience with decorators or home stagers. She will respectfully view your home and provide a clear plan for your staging (even using your own possessions)  to turn your house into one that invites buyers to imagine themselves already 'at home.' Her goal is to take the fear factor out of home staging for sale - and to make it a quick and easy success!

"Your investment in 

home-staging will always be less than your first price reduction."

Allyn Rawling of Koenig-Rubloff Realty